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Fluid Architecture

"I believe in the sonic signature. Gil Evans used to say, 'Everyone has a cry. Without it, only notes come out of the instrument.'" – Ray Russell 

Frank Zappa famously characterized music as sculpted air, a notion Ray Russell parlays into another dimension entirely on Fluid Architecture. Russell's new collection of unique sonic structures reflects the composer and longtime Fender Strat experimentalist's sonic signature – one distinguished by diversity and combining luscious lyricism, screaming expressionism, and an alien vocabulary of textures and colors – often within the same track. Russell's guitar can be as comforting as man's best friend or as threatening as colors out of space. 

released September 18, 2020 

Ray Russell : guitars 
- with - 
Eric Baldwin: found sounds, sequential creativity (1) 
George Baldwin: bass, Chapman Stick (2/5/8) 
Chris Biscoe: tenor clarinet & soprano saxophone (2/8/9) 
Mo Foster: bass (9) 
Nic France: drums (5) 
Simon Phillips: drums (2/4/8) 
Ralph Salmins: drums (9) 
Jim Watson: keyboards (2/5/8) 

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