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Rays' Gear 

Through the years Ray has used a large array of equipment. Some he has owned personally and others he has been supplied with during sessions. The most notable guitar he owned was the Bartell Fretless gifted to him by George Harrison whilst recording the music for the film 'Water' which was also played by John Lennon. 

summary about equipment brands, models ect.


Ray received the Bartell Fretless from George Harrison whilst recording for the film water in (year). 

Many years later Ray posted a memorial post about George Harrison featuring the guitar. This sparked the interest of Paul Brett who after some research discovered that the Guitar was very rare.


Months later Paul and Ray took the guitar onto BBC Antiques Roadshow and received a high evaluation of £300,000+. The news of the guitar made global headline news. 


In 2020 Ray sold the Guitar at Bonhams, London. 


Paul Brett continued to discover the history of the bartell fretless and all connecting to the company Bartell. He released his research in the book Finding Fretless. 


 In 2021 Ray accompanied Paul to a reunion/celebration of the people connected to the creation of the guitar in California.  Whilst in California Ray and Paul were also interviewed by NNAM oral history. Paul spoke about the journey of Finding fretless and Ray spoke about his experiences in the music industry. 



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