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Ray's Music in

Rays Professional Career debuted in the Film industry as lead Guitarist for John Barry's Seven. With Barry, Ray played on many James Bond film soundtracks. His career continued in film working on projects with the likes of George Harrison. Ray continued into television landing jobs with major UK networks as well as composing tracks for international audiences. In the 90's Ray became the composer for TV Series 'A Touch of Frost' staring David Jason. In 2006 'A Touch of Frost' won a Royal Society Award for Best Music and Use of Music, it was nominated again in 2008. Ray's work in TV and Film continues with projects for the like of BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Paramount and more. 



James Bond Films

Taking over position of lead guitarist from Vik Flick for the John Barry Seven Ray recorded on the Bond Films: Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, The Man With The Golden Gun, Octopussy, The Spy Who Loved Me and Live & Let die.  He distinct guitar skills can be heard on many of the Bond soundtracks and theme songs such as 'Nobody Does It Better' vocalised by Carly Simon. 

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  • Thunderball : Released 29th December 1965 (UK)

  • You Only Live Twice : Released 13th June 1967 (UK)

  • Live and Let Die : Released 6th July 1973 (UK)

  • The Man with the Golden Gun : Released 20th December 1974 (UK)

  • The Spy Who Loved Me : Released 20th July 1977 (UK)

  • Moonraker : Released 26th June 1979 (UK)

  • Octopussy : Released 6th June 1983 (UK)

  • Never say Never Again : Released 15 December 1983 (UK)

In The Spy Who Loved Me - Ski Chase scene, Ray recorded this at De Lane Lea studios, Wembley.
Described by many as the greatest Bond stunt, the James Bond music was in the background and I was asked ‘can you do something over this, because it’s not as exciting as I want it to be?’ So I just played some repeat echo and stuff and sort of freaked out., ‘That’s great, just go until they fall [Bond was being pursued down a mountainside by henchmen] and then we’ll cut away.’ So I was doing a kind of little score on my own in the studio.

HandMade Films

Ray played on the sound scores of films Life of Brian, Water, Time Bandits and A Fish Called Wanda under the production of George Harrison's HandMade Films. Ray's superb guitar skills can be heard on all films, including his distinctive electric guitar work which is most apparent on the movie 'A Fish Called Wanda" 

  • Life of Brain : Released the 8th November 1979 (UK)

  • Time Bandits : Released  the 10th July 1981 (UK)

  • Water : Released on  the11th January 1985 (UK)

  •  A Fish Called Wanda : Released on the 14th October 1988 (UK)


In 1985 Ray  played on the soundtrack album for Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie's film, Labyrinth which was released in 1986 ahead of the Film.  

Dusty and Me (2016)

A feel-good, heart-warming film set in Yorkshire in 1977 about an adolescent boy's big summer after leaving school. It's about a boy and a dog, class and ambition, first love, and above all, family.



One Note At A Time (2016)
  • Director

    • Renee Edwards

  • Music

    • Composed by: Ray Russell

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, jazz and R&B musicians in New Orleans cope with the profession's most common occupational hazard: poverty.

Mad To Be Normal (2017)
  • Director

    • Robert Mullan

  • Music

    • Laurie Yule

    • 70's-80's music cues composed by Ray Russell 

  • Produced

    • Charlotte Arden; Peter Gerard Dunphy; Phin Glynn; Alan Latham

Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing (Played by David Tennant) performs various daring experiments on people who were diagnosed as mentally disturbed.


The Hooded Men - BBC - (2023)
  • Ray Russell: Music Producer and Composer 

Plot : In 1971, 14 men were tortured by the British state in NI. They became known as the Hooded Men. For 50 years they fought for the truth – now they want the government to apologise.

hoodedmen .jpeg
The Murder of Meredith Kercher -
  • British Film Editors (Paramount and Channel5)
  • Ray Russell: Composer and Producer

Re-released on Channel 5 and My5 in 2023. 

True story documentary : Examining the brutal murder of 21-year-old student Meredith Kercher in 2007.

who killed meredith kercher.jpeg

First aired on Paramount+ in 2022

Act of Grace -(2008)
  • Director : Noreen Kershaw

  • Music by : George Baldwin and Ray Russell


Plot: The son of a powerful Chinese triad leader asks his British friend (Leo Gregory) to join his criminal family and run their operations in Manchester and Liverpool.

Act Of Grace
The Quest (2002)
  • Created by David Jason.

  • Starring:  David Jason, Hywel Bennett, Roy Hudd, Greg Faulkner.

  • Music by Ray Russell

Plot : Three old friends reminisce about the 1950s, their youth and girls.

The Quest
  • The Second Quest (2004)

Plot : Three friends (David Jason, Hywel Bennett, Roy Hudd) reminisce about a childhood trip where they met contestants in a beauty contest.

  • The Final Quest (2004)

Plot : Three old friends reminisce about their old haunts. Hearing that a coffee bar they frequented in their youth is reopening with a rock 'n' roll theme, Dave, Charlie and Ronno decide to pay a visit. Third film in The Quest Trilogy.

Taming Of The Snark - BBC ONE - TV Production- Ray Russell Guitar (1997)

This is a musical by Mike Batt based on Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem. Mike Batt conducts the London Symphony Orchestra.

Home Before Midnight (1979)

A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen. Her parents take action against him.

  • Director

    • Pete Walker

  • Writers

    • Murray SmithMichael Armstrong ,Pete Walker

  • Music​

    • Ray Russell​

  • Stars

    • James Aubrey, Alison Elliott, Mark Burns

Home before Midnight
Plain Jane (2002) TV Movie 
  • Director: John Woods

  • Producer: Jonathan Curling

  • Music: Ray Russell

A young maid (Emma Cunniffe) has an affair with both her affluent London employer (Kevin Whately) and his son (Jason Hughes).

Initial release: 27 May 2002

Plain Jane
House of Angelo (1997)

A celebrated family of fencing instructors are tasked with protecting a visiting ambassador from assassins. Director Jim Goddard. 

All The Way Up (1994)

Directed by David Jason.


Plot: Charlie is a high flying businessman living in his perfect world. Feeling trapped, he gives in to temptation and is about to commit an adulterous affair with a work colleague. Charlie enters the lift of the prestigious Queen's Hotel where all is not what it seems.

Billy the Kid and The Green Baize Vampire - Ray Russell: guitarist / music recording producer (1985)

ITC  televised musical horror/comedy - Directed by Alan Clarke


Plot: Cocky, flatulent, cockney snooker player Billy Kid accepts the challenge of a grudge match from Maxwell Randall ( the Green Baize Vampire ) , six times world champion. The loser will never play professional snooker again. 

That Summer (1979)
  • Music by Ray Russell

A teenager gets out of reform school and heads to Torquay for a seaside vacation with three friends. However, their fun is interrupted by a gang of Scottish punks who come to cause trouble. Director Harley Cokeliss Stars: Ray Winstone, Stephanie Cole

TV Projects


A Touch Of Frost- ITV - Ray Russell composer 4 episodes (2005-2007) -
(Ray Russell: winner of the yorkshire region Royal Television Society Award Best Music and Use Of Music 2006)

Writers: Richard HarrisDavid Gilman

Executive producer: David Jason 


Plot: DI Jack Frost is an unconventional policeman with sympathy for the underdog and an instinct for moral justice. Sloppy, disorganized, and disrespectful, he attracts trouble like a magnet.

Ray Russell Album - A Touch Of Frost - David Jason
Dangerfield - BBC One-
  • 44 episodes 1996-1999

BBC One Crime Drama Directed by David Jason. 

the activities of small-town doctor and police surgeon Paul Dangerfield, played by Nigel Le Vaillant

Dangerous Woman -ITV-(1995)-Ray Russel  Composer - 4 episodes

Plot : Set in 1960's post war London the series follows a secret love between a policeman and Maura a West End gangster of Irish decent.


Stars:​ Sheila Hancock, Jason Isaacs, Susan Lynch

Rich Tea and Sympathy- ITV- (1991 ) - Series Composer Ray Russell

Plot : Comedy series about a Labour-voting divorcee and Conservative-voting widower who fall in love, despite greatly different lives and families.


Stars Patricia Hodge, Denis Quilley, Lionel Jeffries, Jean Alexander, Anne Reid and more.

Stay Lucky - BBC ONE - Ray Russell Music Composer (17 episodes from 1989-1991)

Drama staring Dennis Waterman, Emma Wray, Niall Toibin and Jan Francis. Music by Ray Russell with the them song sung by Dennis Waterman

Plot: When Londoner Thomas Gynn escapes from his dodgy associations in the capital for a new life up north, he literally runs in to feisty Yorkshire lass (and damsel-in-distress) Sally Hardcastle on the A1 - getting her broken down car back on the road. Sally runs a narrowboat business in Leeds, and it soon seems that this unlikely couple will be exploring new and uncharted waters together.

The Jump- Ray Russell: guitarist / music recording producer (1985)

The Jump is a four-part British television crime drama, written by Adrian Hodges and adapted from the 1995 novel by Martina Cole, that first broadcast on ITV on 6 September 1998

Rough Justice - BBC - (1983)- Ray Russell: Musical Composer 

Plot: Investigative journalists probe possible miscarriages of justice.

Created by: Peter Hill, Martin Young

Presented by Martin Young , David Jessel, John Ware, Kirsty Wark 

Diamond Geezer - ITV - Ray Russell composer 4 episodes (2005-2007)

Starring David Jason
Producer: David Reynolds
Director: Paul Harrision
Music: Ray Russell

  • Royal Television Society Award for Best Music in a TV series and Best Theme Tune, 2006

  • Royal Television Society Nomination for Best Music in a TV series, 2008


Plot: Mini series : A career criminal tries to persuade a first time offender to join forces with him in his new big scam.

Blue Dove - Carlton TV -(2003)

8 Part Drama Series
Writer: Lucy Gannon
Producer: Jonathan Curling
Directors: Paul Harrison, David Thacker
Music: Ray Russell

Grafters - ITV - Music 5 episodes 1999

 Created by Michael Chaplin. Staring Robson Green, Stephen Tompkinson, Darren Morfitt, Emily Joyce.


Plot:Two brothers with very little in common move to London to start a home-renovation business in this British comedy-drama. 

Men of the World -composed incidental music (2 episodes, 1994)

BBC One situation comedy which starred David Threlfall and John Simm.

Plot: Misadventures of a Manchester travel agency employees.

A Bit of a Do -ITV- composed: theme music / composer: title music (13 episodes, 1989)

Directed by and staring - David Jason. 2 wins including best Entertainment  and 1 BAFTA Nomination.


Plot: Based on the books by David Nobbs. Each episode took place in a fictional yorkshire town at a different social function (a "do") and followed the changing lives of two families, the working-class Simcocks and the middle-class Rodenhursts, together with their respective friends, Rodney and Betty Sillitoe, and Neville Badger.

Bergerac- BBC ONE
  • 15 episodes from 1986-1991

BBC One Crime Mystery Drama -Starring John Nettles.

Plot: Recovering alcoholic and divorced father of a young daughter, DS Jim Bergerac is a true maverick who prefers doing things his own way, and consequently doesn't always carry out his investigations the way his boss would like.

Cowboys - ITV-Theme Tune Musical Composer Ray Russell All Episodes (1980-1981)

Geyser (Colin Welland), Wobbly Ron (David Kelly) and Eric (James Wardroper) are a useless shower of handymen who worked for Joe Jones Limited because no-one else would employ them The action concerns their many inept efforts to perform their work.

FOX -ITV- (1980) - ITV Musici department: Guitarist 

Plot: The thirteen-part series recounted the lives of the titular Fox family, who lived in Clapham in South London and had gangland connections. It was notable in that it was an early work that featured the criminal as the protagonist.



  • Rock Follies - Arranger and  Guitarist, appeared on 8 episodes,  received 2 Gold Discs

  • Top of the pops -  Guitarst on What Goes On - Brian Ferry 

  • BBC's The Old Grey Whistle Test -  1976 - Ray Russell with band Stackridge on ‘Steam Radio Song’​.

  • BBC's Antiques RoadShow - Evaluation of George Harrisons 'Mad Guitar' (also played by John Lennon) gifted to Ray by George whilst creating the music for HandMade Film's 'Water' starring Michael Cain and Billy Connolly. 

  • BBC South East Today -  Interview regarding the George Harrison Bartell Guitar.

  • BBC 'ONE Show' - Featuring Bon Jovi to promote his new album, Fiona Bruce and Ray Russell as special guests to promoting the Antiques Roadshow. Ray plays the Fretless and explains his connection to George Harrison. 

  • One more TimeFrom Bowie to Bond, Elton John to Ella Fitzgerald, ONE MORE TIME tells the behind-the-scenes story of the British session musicians who defined the sound of music for a generation.



  • Wildlife Detectives Documentary series looking at the work of the Wildlife Detectives who protect Scotland's animals, plants and birds. It’s winter and police are tracking down a bird trapper. Network : BBC

  • Homes Under The Hammer Presenters cast their expert eyes over a number of properties before they go to auction, giving their opinion on the respective buildings and their potential. Once the properties are sold, the show's hosts check in with the buyers to find out their plans. Network : BBC One

  • Dancing With The Stars - A celebrity is paired with a professional dancer to perform predetermined dances and compete against each other. Network : ABC (Produced by BBC Studios LA)

  • Wife Swap American version of the reality series in which two wives change their environment by swapping families and lives. Network : ABC

  • Miami Ink - Four master artists and an apprentice take viewers inside the world of tattooing as they work to open a tattoo parlour together. Network : TCL

  • Steve Fossett Show - (Information pending...)

  • True Hollywood Story This documentary series strives to give its audience the inside scoop on Tinseltown's hottest dishes, ranging from behind-the-scenes tension on hit shows to the real dirt inside a current tabloid scandal. The list of celebrities profiled on the show include Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and Britney Spears. Network : E!

  • My Super Sweet 16 Wealthy parents indulge their soon-to-be 16-year olds as they prepare for their most important coming-of-age celebrations. Network : MTV

  • Mystery ER Re-enactments and interviews with doctors and investigators combine to present stories of unusual and baffling medical cases. Network : Discovery Health Network

  • Good Morning America - Co-anchors report the morning's top headlines from a set in Times Square. The show features a combination of breaking news, interviews, in-depth reporting and weather. The program covers important issues with key figures from around the world and a wide spectrum of topics, including medicine, finance, consumer issues, computer technology, education and gardening. Network : ABC

  • Truth or Scare - Actress Michelle Trachtenberg presents narratives about haunted houses, mythical beasts and ancient legends around the globe, and it's left to viewers to decide: Is it the truth or just a scare? Network : Discovery Kids

  • Extreme Engineering - Architect Danny Forster travels around the world to "deconstruct" such ultimate construction projects as warships, public works structures, cruise liners and extreme thrill rides. Network : Discovery Channel

  • Great Little Trains A series presenting various narrow gauge railway adventures from around the world. Network : BBC

  • Hairy Bikers - Dave Myers and Simon King biker loving celebrity chefs who present an array of cooking programmes. Networks: mostly BBC and Good Food

  • Balamory Action series for preschool children based around the island community of Balamory in Scotland, where each character wears a distinctive colour of clothing that matches the house they live in. Network: CBeebies, BBC one, BBC two,

  • American Idol Several participants from America showcase their singing talent in front of a panel of esteemed judges to win the title and a record label deal. Network : FOX, ABC

  • Secret Millionaire - Originally aired on UK TV then in USA and other countries. Millionaires go undercover to delve into the lives of ordinary people, then help out those who deserve it when they reveal their identity. Network: Channel4, ABC, Nine Australia, Fox

  • So You Think You Can Dance? Participants take to the stage to show off their dance moves to a panel of reputed judges in an attempt to win the grand prize. Network : Fox

  • The Culture Show This program features the art critic, Andrew Graham Dixon, presenting the best of the month's arts and culture news, covering books, art, film, architecture and more. Network : BBC 

  • WWE: Monday Night RawProfessional wrestlers compete against each other in the ring in order to win the championship and become the undisputed winner. Network : WWE, USA network, Syfy, Paramount, Sky Sport

  • Renovation Nation - Follows renovators from all over the UK as they tackle crumbling period properties. The renovators snap up these properties at knockdown prices, but they face huge challenges as they try to transform their wreckages into the homes of their dreams. Network : Channel4

  • Gordon Ramsay Cookalong - Cookalong Live is a British cooking show starring Gordon Ramsay with the specials featuring celebrity guests. Network : Channel4 and now Amazon Prime

  • Oprah Winfrey Show - Popular talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, where many of its topics penetrate into American pop-cultural consciousness. Network : Syndication, ABC, CBS television, Channel4, BBC, Sky One, Five, ITV, Diva TV, TLC 

  • Hollyoaks - Soap drama based in fictional town Hollyoaks. Network : Channel4 and E4

  • Planet’s Funniest Animals - Long-running comedy series in which a host introduces clips of comical animal behaviour from around the world and supplies wry commentary.  Network : Animal Planet

  • Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures - Australia's top angler Rex Hunt embarks on exciting fishing adventures. Network : Lifestyle, Seven Network Australia

  • Blue Peter British children's television entertainment programme created by John Hunter Blair. It is the longest-running children's TV show in the world . Network : CBBC

  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air - A streetwise, poor young man -Will Smith - from Philadelphia is sent by his mother to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins in their Bel-Air mansion. Network : NBC

  • Ricki Lake Show - Ricki Lake is a daytime tabloid talk show hosted by American actress Ricki Lake. Network: Syndication, Columbia pictures

  • Countrywise British television series which looks at the best of Britain's coast and country. The programme is currently presented by Ben Fogle and Liz Bonnin. Network : ITV

  • Westcountry Live - Westcountry Live was the flagship regional news programme of ITV Westcountry, serving South West England.​ Network : ITV



Ray Russel visits Denmark Street

Ray talks about his inspiration and thought process behind his album Fluid Architecture. Fluid Architecture was created as part of his PhD you can read more about it on the Education Page.

Plastic EP talks to Ray Russell about his extensive career.

Mike Milton, Youtuber of channel CGS, talks to Ray Russell

Ray Russell takls about how he became a member of The John Barry Seven.

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